Voidland Mystery Goodnight is about a girl in college who realizes she has prophetic dreams. They start out mundane, seeing what lunch will be or seeing an accident before it happens. They start to get more intense. She sees angels. She sees demons. She can't parse what she sees.

Estimated playtime is 10 minutes.

Voidland Mystery Goodnight is an abstract "vignette crawler".

An interactive comic consisting of many small animations.

They are in a grid, and you may move from one to another by pressing the arrow keys in the direction where there is an arrow pointing.

Additionally, you can press the "F" key to toggle fullscreen, and press the "G" key to toggle the filter.

You can press the Escape key to go back to the start.

And also press = to toggle the speedrun timer? If you are into that sort of thing.

There is no audio, so feel free to listen to your own mellow playlists. I would be interested to know what songs you think fit.

Uses: Godot CRT Shader

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
AuthorAutumn Rain
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags1-bit, Abstract, artgame, Female Protagonist, Horror, Lesbian, LGBT, psychedelic
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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this is really really cool!


Long live freakbird, greatest mascot

finally got round to reading this. everyone's commented on the format/presentation but it really is outstanding. putting video game maze navigation in a comic- backtracking to familiar panels, going round in loops and tangents, and thinking "i've seen everything, time to go on the Main Path" is such a unique idea, and represents inhabiting someone's Thoughts better than any comic i've seen before. i'd love to see this become a genre.

as for the story itself, no clue what to take from it! i thought i Got it until the very end confused me. was a fun time though.

the 1-bit photos were hard to parse and so after the first few i gave up trying to figure out what they're actually photos Of.


(copy paste of my review lol I don’t know why I was feeling so pretentiously wordy)

beautiful and painful, the short story tugs at heart strings grown from papier-mache, snapping each one it chooses to pluck, the simple but impactful moving doodles are interspersed with distorted black and white photographs. I do not think ill be forgetting these 15 minutes or so of my life anytime soon.


I just played this full version after reading an article about it! Amazing story/comic. I love the freakbird and I believe in them.


Voidland mystery goodnight is just a good story and how it unfolds is just so good. Also a big fan of freakbird and freakbird activities


While it's hard for me to comment much about the story, given its dreamlike and inscrutable nature, I think the structure of this game is really interesting, in the way that progressing through the various scenarios was like navigating a river that branches into multiple tributaries, or unfolding a piece of origami.


This is so wonderful! Loved it, very unique and creative concept.


This is a fascinating way of storytelling. The ability to go "out" of the main path and see the stuff on the sides, usually about unparseable ambience or of peeks of a strange entity, really give that entity a feel of presence. There is what is literally happening to this girl, i.e she sees things happen, and then there's all this feeling and vibe and presence of the odd reality around her. I really enjoyed what you were able to do with this, definitely memorable in such a short amount of time!


Charming and haunting, and such an interesting presentation! Well done :)



ive been obsessed with dreams and what it all means recently, this just hits it home even more lol art was great :)

Full Play No Commentary 


loved it! what an amazing experience

(also the freakbird is real! I saw him on my walk today)


Sort of a cross between a comic and a maze. Short and sweet little... art experience? Whatever it is, it's worth checking out.

Praise to the freakbird.


this is brilliant!!!!! i loved it 


oh this is absolutely haunting


The vibes are incredible as always!! Really fun to explore and get lost in. I really like how you structured the story ! Anyway the freakbird is real i saw him yesterday while i was taking out my recycling


SO good.....normalize having prophetic dreams!!!


I love this! I've been making some pixel vignette stuff in bitsy lately & it's great to see similar in another engine! Maybe I should finally check out godot.


This was rly cool!! I always get excited when ppl experiment with comics/sequential storytelling methods so when I saw my friend RT ur link to this I was like I gotta check this out. Ngl at first I was worried Id get lost with all the branching paths but it all came together in the end...its abt The Vibes... Anyways I just downloaded like half ur games lol!!