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Bought a huge gun that got stuck in the door. Bambi with Hands/10


oh god what did i play. I am shaken to my core and my life will never be the same. I don't know whats real anymore. 10/10 would rave with rats again

(also are there any plans for updates? you seem to update the game every six months and its approaching that time. I would love more funky rat dudes)


A big update is in fact in the works! But this summer is looking to be very busy so it may be a long while until it happens. 

Great to hear! I just gave you a follow, so hopefully I'll get some kinda notification when that happens.

In the meantime, can you vaguely allude to what I should be looking forward to?


A lot of new items to find, ones that actually change gameplay a bit, and more event rooms with minigames and bossfights 

Epic, thank you very much. Especially "items that change gameplay a bit" sounds particularly revolutionary since that sounds like it would spice up all the wandering.

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Alright, so this is a really simple concept I think but it works very well! Who doesn’t want to party with rats? Seriously? Cool to see other’s characters inserted into this project as well : ) you can distinguish which ones stand out the most, which rats have certain qualities that add to their personalities, which rats were based on the people themselves. You can always tell when someone really puts their love into projects like these.

I can feel the good vibes from here.This is a great game if you want to kill time and run around. There’s funny dialogue, puns, and a montage of mini games with a hint of memey-ness but not too much it is overwhelming. Pretty fun!

P.S.: I own a ball python like the snake in the game, I love it!


ball pythons are just the cutest! 

every time i press start, my game crashes? ive reinstalled multiple times and made sure all the files were there and this keeps happening. my computer should have no reason to not handle the game well and ive even tried using the lowest graphics settings.

are you able to run other unity games? and have you tried running it through the itch launcher?

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I am moving from wisconsin to oklahoma for work, would you please let me use this as my work computer background (it is ok to say no I just don't want to use if I don't have permission)


totally go ahead 👍🐀👍


thank you I am a fortunate rodent today


I LOVED this game!! After playing it fully through three times, I'm STILL seeing rooms I haven't seen before! Seriously, this made me so happy. I recorded my first time playing, and it was nearly 3 hours! Question though, does the Snake ever actually coerce the mouse??  Then my brother played it after me, and saw two rooms I'd never seen! And so many text options! I was watching him play, and he saw SO much dialogue I never saw! The art is bangin, the soundrack is bangin, the dialogue is bangin, the characters are bangin, and it's all at a BANGIN price. If anyone's here reading this, I 100% suggest grabbing this game. I can't stress enough how much fun I had with this game.


Hey thanks! And sorry, no, the snake does not ever catch a rat. It's simply to transfer cheeses to fruit.


Police broke up a 200-person rave in a sewer in Newcastle, UK, this weekend, in the early hours of Sunday morning. The organizers set up a soundsystem and lighting in the underground tunnels, and revelers had to "wade" through a few feet of water to access the party, said the police in a press release.

The rave was organized on Facebook, and partygoers met at a nearby pub before heading to the destination. Police said the event "put lives at risk," and that they were initially alerted to it by people on site who had safety concerns. They broke up the party at around 4 AM.

"It didn't smell," said Jess, a person who went to the rave, in an interview with student publication The Tab. "It wasn't a sewer, it was like a storm drain or some sort of flood defense – or that's what I got told it was, but there was sooo much mud. Leaving the rave it was so surreal. I felt like I had been kept hostage from a zombie apocalypse under ground for about 20 years, and when I emerged I just wasn't the same person anymore haha."

According to The Tab, the event took place in a former WW2 bomb shelter.

"You can clearly see from the pictures that this is a dangerous site for members of the public, nevermind an appropriate party venue," said Chief Inspector Dave Pickett. "We are very lucky that we are not talking about a more serious incident, particularly when you consider that many of those involved were under the influence of alcohol."

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the dubiously-hygienic festivities, but an investigation is currently underway, with many of the people involved believed to be university students.


loved this game!!


Over 50 bits of cheese, and no effect. Snaky, my dude, this just isn't working... clearly they just think you're trying to be friendly. You just gotta be honest with your feelings. I know it's hard. But it's the only way.

Anyway, it would be cool if the game was a million times more complex with more characters and story and gameplay and whatnot. But it was still plenty of fun.

Here's one specific idea though: it would be super cool if rats acknowledged each others' presence more often. Once or twice I had two rats say something in quick succession, and the second line sounded like a direct response to the first, and it was super cool. How extra cool would it be if that kind of stuff happened ON PURPOSE? It could be kind of structured but still heavily randomized.  INFINITE COMPLEXITY. INFINITE IMMERSION.


This was pretty cool!  Awesome vibes.

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Probably one of the most endearing games I've played in a while. In my experience there's just enough of an element of chance and difficulty that it's always felt fresh. (the soundtrack is also full of bangers, so there's that too)


Silly, weird, and there's rats. Definitely worth playing.

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Loved it! Loved just running around to see what new places I would find next. Always a nice suprise to find a new room to adventure around!

Cant wait for more funky stuff like this!


every time i try to launch the game it says the UnityPlayer.dll is misiing when it's in the file, how do i fix this, please i just want to party with the rats. thank you

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Did you extract the .ZIP? I've heard that happens if you try to run the program from inside the ZIP without extracting it. And if that isn't it, maybe you could try installing it using the app?


thank you sm!! i installed app and it runs perfectly now :) now im off to jam with the rats 😎


Welp, mandatory "I saw funny man on the internet play this" but damn, even though he played a big part of the game on stream there's still a lot of rooms to see and stuff to discover, I love this game and I'll definitely support you more often. Thanks for such a nice afternoon I had by playing this.  c:

Thank you! ^_^ And yeah I think it was nice that funny internet man didn't go through the too much of the whole game, that way people can discover things for themselves when they play!

There's an empty space the duck and the bottle cap in my inventory- is there a fifth item or have I been trolled?


there is an item, it is very hard to find. 


Thanks! It definitely was a sneaky spot c:


I watched Vinny play this the other day. It was such a blast watching and being a part of the "Rat Chat." It also made me want to play if for myself. So I did. Thank you for the great experience!


I just watched Vinny play this for a bit and I'm glad he did show it off, I absolutely adore the art style and the music is super good too (I bought the soundtrack on bandcamp aswell!)

I'm super happy I found your work through this and am definitely looking forward to your future projects! c:


I watched a funny man on the internet play this game and I loved it so much that I bought it so I could play it for myself ;w; Thank you for making this


glad you enjoyed! tysm!


The deer AI is super creepy and & some point they just disappear from the sewers and its terrifying but i love it

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i love this so mUCH eeek!

(see attached: best rat)


Whoa nelly. This is wonderfully bizarre.  Also, the experience is greatly intensified if you take your "medicine" beforehand!


I have no idea what happened, or why I enjoyed  it so much


that's plague, baby!


this game is just so wonderfully weird, atmospheric, and unpredictable?? the music and visuals work really well together, and i spent most of my time trying to see as much dialogue as i could because it's all really good

unrelated to game quality but i have to admit that it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize i could sprint, but when i could......... the sewer was mine


Sprinting! I was on the fence about giving the game a try, but this is getting me convinced. This and the cool snake.


Love the mood, the dialogue, the rats, the everything. Esoteric and surreal gameplay is fun but became somewhat frustrating as I learned more about the game and developed specific goals. Would buy again but would suggest a bit more clarity, like an ability to spend items to go to a random event room? Spent an hour looking for a particular event room to trade for a key and found a key door instead. Pulled my hair out that I could've gone through if only I found the event room and spent my vast item fortunes to obtain keys. The unpredictable nature of the game means that I've pretty much memorized the rooms so the joy of discovery has faded considerably. The art style and the music compliment each other very well though and so I haven't grown tired of the setting, at least. Also I love how much I hate those deer things. Fantastic touch. Thanks for making and sharing your game!


Thank you! This is some good feedback! I'll take this stuff into consideration for when I make an update.

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