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Hey there buddy, you've been cordially invited to the sewer for the biggest rat party ever hosted.

We've got cheese, fruit, sewer water, and danger.

Wander the sewer and find messed up rats, old food, and maybe buried treasure(?).

Come along and make a friend or two.

A game by Autumn Rain.

Featuring music by Lady Saytenn.

Sewer Rave is a surreal randomized exploration game where you crawl around a rat infested sewer during a giant rave. Search the labyrinthine sewers to discover games, secrets, and wisdoms meant only for rodents. Grab a cup of sludge and meet some rats!


Mouse and WASD. 

Left click to interact. (Right click to drink slime, if you are holding some.)

Hold down E to open your menu.

Shift to run, space to jump.

Warning for flashing lights and confusing gameplay.

Warning for Twitch Integration: This feature if you decide to use it, takes all messages sent in chat! That means there is no filter. Heed caution using this feature!

Updated 4 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorAutumn Rain
Made withUnity, Blender, Aseprite, FL Studio
TagsDreams, Exploration, Funny, grime, Low-poly, rats, secrets, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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sewer-rave-windows.zip 108 MB
Version 11
sewer-rave-mac.zip 111 MB
Version 12
sewer-rave-linux.zip 113 MB
Version 11

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Didn't expect it to be this fun!


I seriously cannot get enough of this game. It has such interesting charm that even though you can get the full experience of the game within an hour, I have put in at least 40 hours over the year I've owned it. Sewer Rave is that friend that always makes you smile.


Great game, thanks for making it!!!


I think I'm only a few minutes to an hour into this game and I already love it.
My fave rat so far is this one:

"This train is a Pokestop. Yeah like, the train itself."

I always liked it when some of the rats' random dialogue had a shorter and longer version of the same line. Kinda gave it more depth.

For some reason I set email notifications for this game or something and every so often I get reminded of The Rave, not a negative at all, play the vidya.


I got a girlfriend because of this game

now I know that sounds like a joke but its 100% true. a few months ago i stayed up way too late getting the ending with all the items with this girl i hadn't talked too all that much.  She and i became close friends after that and continued playing other games over discord together every night for weeks, so on and so forth, and now were in love :)

so thanks!

great game

met at the sewer rave ... i love to hear it


Absolutely love this funky rat game. Got it a while ago in the BLM bundle and i couldnt put it down. the rats in this game have such a great personality, i especially love the cute pokemon rat. Great artwork!

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I want so much more of this game. Great music and exceptionally scary... Deer monkey things?? 

Btw... Can I help the Mermaid thingimabob?


i don't even have a vr headset yet but all i can think about is how much i want this in vrchat or something


HIYA I played your adorable little game in a video. It is so charming and I am sure there is plenty I didn't encounter so I will more than likely play again for a longer period of time. It is so cute and I really love the art style and the little film student rat stole my heart and now all I wish for is to be drawn as a rat! It is so cute and I fully recommend it! Your art style is great and I love the random things, and the possom knife fight 10/10 


autumn rain,

i don't know how to put my love for this game into words. i have formed friendships and created memories while playing this absolute gem, and i must thank you for that.

from a drinking game that ended in a friend throwing up (multiple times) to stupid little inside jokes, i don't feel like i've wasted a second of my playtime. this is a love letter to the game, if you will. 

All Rats go to Heaven <3

Thank you, Autumn Rain!
the little details i've encountered, from contracting the plague, scaring off a scientist, and seeing a drugged out nightmare-fuel rat in the sky, have been incredible. i'm not quite sure how the hell you came up with some of the ideas, but i am so, so glad you did.

with incredible amounts of respect and love,



This is the most amazing artwork I've ever seen 

Thank you for the laugh and keep raving x


Thank you so much hahah, right back at you! Enjoy the rave and take care <3


Stuart little has seen better days


i wheezed when i read this thank you


Got this game in the BLM bundle and dude I only played for like 15 min and fell in love this is amazing. 
I love love love the graphics options they're.... very good. Thank you so much for this game, can't wait to finish it thats it thats my critique

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any plans to add controller support?


i'll look into it for the big update 


i've played for countless hours and i havent found the buried treasure

am I stinko?




wonderful, lovely, confusing. the best qualities for a game


it makes me happy


I love this so much it really affected me and I don't know why but thanks.

This was a very fun game and I've never wanted to die playing a game more but it felt good to finish it. I streamed it with my friends and we were having fun but if you pointed a gun to my head and said to replay I would just sit there. None the less 10/10


This was... odd. Somehow homey, in an endless party sort of way. I think I like it? It really captures the feeling of being drunk at a party.
Controls are a bit janky. Needs adjustable mouse sensitivity.

good with just beers, was a good start, when you ket amongst it it kets all a lot more twisted. danke velle


Perfect game. Was shocked when I apparently beat it? Did, would, and could wander for hours.


While I have never been in a rave, I cannot imagine it would feel anything but exactly like this game: an endless chaotic party choke-full of weird conversations (which are here pretty well-written, I must admit) and even weirder situations that follow one another in a series of events that seem to have nothing common among them. “Sewer Rave” is a great little exploration game that although quickly becoming repetitive nevertheless is certainly more than redeemed by its crazy dialogues and thick, unmistakable atmosphere that the creator(s) of this game managed to nail down perfectly.

love this game, contracting the plague hits SO MUCH DIFFERENTLY IN THIS DAY AND AGE....... 
the fact that the m o v e m e n t c u b e s move without you was my only frustration, makes some of the platforming nigh impossible :(
besides that i kinda loved the sense of never knowing where i was and just moving from room to room aimlessly and just coincidentally ending up where i needed to be haha :)


i have adopted the phrase "ready to rock and rat" into my life and i couldn't be happier


wow was that from the game? i don't even remember writing that. gonna start sprinkling that one into my vocabulary 

oh also I have a question. I tried punching the rat king but he kept shrinking and then I couldn't punch him any more and then I respawned, so I tried just pushing him overboard but that didn't work either. am I misunderstanding how it works or is there just something I haven't figured out?


yeah there isn't much to that right now. you puncha puncha him until it's over. i may change it in the big update coming up.

cool, thanks! looking forward to that. will be checking out your other stuff when it's not 2:30am as well lmao :)


I still haven't managed to do any of the platforming sections, even the simplest (been delightedly calling them ratforming to my patient boyfriend) but this is so addictive otherwise. wish there were just a couple more incentives to exploring (like giving people stuff, relaying a message, w/e) but I get that overall that's not really the mood down here with the rats. have started a folder with screenshots of my favorite rats. so far it's goo dood, rat who thinks there might be cats down there, cold rat, big sleepy rat, snake that comes out of the sludge to party, joey, and the all-important piano rat. he is probably my favorite. I don't know why I'm so in love with this game but you know what? rat


very good and vaguely spooky.




Is there a Sewer Rave discord? I'd love to share some choice screenshots and sip sludge with my fellow rats. 


I'd be so into this honestly. would be cool if there was a channel with a 10 second rate limit for us slow-speed rats too


I bought this in that racial equality bundle. Downloading it was hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made. Every time I boot it up I discover something strange and new, be it a room, an NPC or dialogue. The energy of the game is surreal, cursed, and vaguely forbidden, which just so happens to be a very large part of my aesthetic. Every line of dialogue feels like a fresh shitpost straight off of Tumblr and it's amazing. The poorly drawn graphics just add to the vibe of this modern day masterpiece, and the soundtrack is unironically great. Everything about Sewer Rave shouldn't be as absurdly entertaining as it is, yet the rats do not care, and the game is very fun nonetheless.

All in all, this game is a masterpiece that has been looked over by a community that doesn't see the true appeal and value in it. Surely this game will be an indie cult classic in years to come, and if not, it absolutely should.


This game seems very cool in theory, but with no alternative text font options, it's unplayable for me. If there does happen to be some way to change the text font, I'd be thrilled to know of it. I would love to play it but the text just makes it too inaccessible for me.


Hey there, I'm so sorry about that. There are no other font options at the moment but it is something I will definitely look into for when I make the update. 

That sounds wonderful, I look forward to it!


I haven't even unzipped it yet but I must comment on the decision to designate it as a game? [stet] on this platform because I'm already enjoying reading itch.io's default text on it to my friends and I haven't even played it yet.


Played this with my girlfriend and we had a blast. The game nails the atmosphere of a rave and manages to be energetic throughout our entire playthrough. All of the dialogue is hysterical and endearing, I can't reiterate how great of an aesthetic the game has. There are some optional platforming sections that are a little janky but that's more on me then the game, plus they're optional, there's nothing missed from doing something else. Overall 10/10, loved it and it was definitely worth picking up. Do play with some friends for the best experience

Can I invert the mouse? It's more maddening than the music.


I genuinely felt one with the rats. I had no idea what I was doing and it was literally amazing. Honestly? My new favorite game now. 11/10. Definitely worth the 3 dollars.


This is an absolutely AMAZING game I love it SO much. Partying with rats is my absolute dream and the wildly surreal elements of this game make it an absolute treat. Adding every song from this game to my spotify playlist. I have no idea what to do with all this stuff I'm collecting and I'm absolutely ok with that. Great game. 


I love partying with these rats! At first I got it for my macbook but for some reason I couldn't click on characters to talk to them? I know its not a trackpad problem cause I plugged in a real mouse and that didn't work either. May be a bug for the mac version? Cause I got this on my brother's pc too and it worked just fine there- played it all the way through jammin to that rat edm.

I've noticed I have a lot of trouble clicking with my PC trackpad to talk. I really wish you could change the controls since holding shift to run messes with my arthritis after a while too


This game is awesome. Pls play it. Even if its just for the music because the music itself is rad. 


Yes the music is quite rat

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