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I bought some bundle back in 2020. Every so often I go thru, find something that looks neat from it, and dedicate a night to enjoying some wild experience.

There are so many quotable little bits in this cute little walking simulator about rats. So, go forth my wayward mammal. Enjoy drinking the punch and talking to the locals.


subway rat made eye contact with me and said "join us. when the train comes we slide under the tracks and feel it rumble over us like a warm thunderstorm. we live forever and we love to live" I said no thank you I am too large he turned away from me I cried


obtained in the racial justice bundle, and i've played it MANY times since! this game is one of the ones i really enjoy picking up for a couple hours, running around in the sewers and playing with rats- this most recent time i played was in a call with some friends!! i had NO IDEA there'd been a big update!! so exciting!!!!!!! i love. oh oh i love this game it feels like coming home after a long day, i love talking to every single rat every single time i enter a room. i can't wait to play it again and find even more things <3

i also made a rat oc 'cause of it. their name is Plate.


plate is adorable


so glad im not the only one who thought of making rat ocs in this game lol


this was SO fun to play . i especially want to compliment the platforming - it felt so funky and weird in the best way , and the only real punishment for failing is at worst not getting some fruit / cheese ; as someone with motor control issues , i was worried it'd be too frustrating , but it was honestly just too weird feeling to really make me angry ( if that makes any sense lol ) . definitely going to check out your other works , and super pumped for the remake ( if you're still planning that ) !!

This felt familiar to watch.

this game is fucking fantastic btw, please add more rat phrases, i thought it was damn near infinite when i started and many made me lul


that was so cool my noodle exploded

When you said confusing gameplay you really meant it.  I had fun wandering round exploring and the character art is so cute!!! And the dialogue made me laugh, especially the rat milk. Stupid and charming <3 

I'm in love with train station rat man.


this rart rulesss!!!!!!


Ok I completed my... 2 and a half hour run? in honor of The Big Update.

the most joyous note is that it WORKS ON MAC! Huzzah! (on my previous playthroughs I've had to borrow my brother's big honkin overpowered pc to play because my macbook wouldn't let me click on anything? Wack. Well that's fixed now. Its not left click (or two finger click) to interact for me, its the G key. That could be from me fucking around in the keybinds trying to make something work ages ago but whatever its playable on my computer now.

Your sludge game is through the roof! or at least the parts you added with the new slime. Mesmerizing.

EXPLORING CAVES WITH RAT HIEROGLYPHS HELL YEAH. I'm... having feelings about it actually? I had similar ones last year when finding the secret lab. I know this is just a silly project but i like... really want there to be lore about these rats and their society. (and what's up with the mermaid? I want to help her.)

I want to thank you for sewer rave being one of the small joys in quarantine 2020 hell, and for making it even better in 2021. Augh is a bangin song.

I know you don't think you'll work on this again, but if you do find it in you to rebuild it with your newfound Unity knowledge, that would be very epic and cool of you.

Love your work! Muah!

Hello! I love this game and everything about it, but I'm wondering. What font do you use for the dialogue? I've been wanting to use it to make something kinda neat based on the style of this game.


Heyo! Lady gamer here! This game was far more of an experience then I had thought it would be, I thought it would be a plodding mess through a poorly made game, but I was wrong! It's strange, dynamic, and so utterly random you can never guess what's through the next door. One question... WHY ARE THE DEER SO UNSETTLING?! Check out my let's play!


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today I fervently recommended this to my friend with the words "it's a walking sim with bonus spices. it's an experience and it's not a profound one, but it sure is one. I love it to death." this game lives rent free in my head and I cannot vocalize why


Autumn Rain,

This isn't the first time I've written a love letter to this game. But truly, I cannot express how much I appreciate what this work of art has given me.

This newest update is impeccable. The lore is absolutely riveting, and I've gone as far as to create some fan-theories with my friends. There are so many questions I have, that I can only hope will eventually be answered -- no rush of course -- Sewer Rave: Resewered is something that should only be worked on in the best states of mind. Please take care of yourself!

And now, some thoughts I've had:

========= (SPOILER WARNING) =========

- Who are we, the protagonist, the player? Not a rat, surely, but if not that, then what?

--> The cats have acknowledged our non-ratness

--> "What are you? A stoat?"

--> "Just got back from Rat Practice" (there are others like me)?

(amongst other quotes)

- Why are the rats so... large? Why are the cats so... small? And bipedal?

Why have the rats, in chronological (I assume) order, worshipped:


- Bacteriophage (??? why?? is this representative of the RATS becoming scientific?? does this explain the rat scientist?)

- RADIOACTIVE WASTE ???? (actually they did not worship this. it was poured on them)

Is this why they are so large?

Have the rats also worshipped that statue by the power-up room? It looked holy and exalted, which is like, totally sick, brah.

- Is the sludge radioactive? Is this why we are consistently in a state of being TRIPPED OUT? I mean, we do drink it, like, a lot.

- Who is Jambi? Jambi seems to be found only in the lowest levels of the sewer: are these the true effects of prolonged sludge exposure?

- Junji Ito rat-shaped holes?? no way.

--> BLUE????? sludge. This one's gotta be radioactive.

(worry not my friends. I will collect evidence and create a theory on the true rat lore. there is more to come.)

========= (END OF SPOILERS) =========

Thank you so very much, Autumn Rain. I cannot describe quite why I love this game as much as I do, and yet I always find myself coming back to it.

With 12 hours on Itch, and even more from the game downloaded independently, I would consider this nothing less than one of my favourite games. Definitely my favourite indie game.

There is just so much to discover, and so much to enjoy.

I love this sewer. This sewer is my home.

With only my utmost love and respect,

Hershey "Hershey Cactus" Cactus

tl;dr: idiot rambles about rats (i love rats) (they are cool) (than ks mfor game)


!!!!comment goes so hard


gosh.. thank you so much for playing and enjoying !!! it's so cool to hear peoples thoughts on it ... a lot of the time i don't know what to say in response !! im just very happy people love it so much !! i would definitely love to answer some of these questions or maybe raise more questions in the remake . . . time will tell ! ! i do want to say ..... the cave paintings do have lore implications . . . except for the bacteriophage ... the  rats just think it looks cool (but perhaps does mean they do know science stuff . . . )


Hey! Thank you so much for responding :)
No matter where you take the game, I can't wait to see. Time will tell indeed!

All the best! <3

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this game goes so hard... i've had too much of the sewer sludge (SS) and the rat king's starting to look a little sexy rn. ! certainly a most-distinguished gentleman...

please send help i've gotten into the habit of incorporating rat slogans ('RS' for the brazen and ignorant of you) in everyday life

recently when my

p.s. poster above is a lumberjack (practically speaking)

glowing regardsm


Didn't expect it to be this fun!


I seriously cannot get enough of this game. It has such interesting charm that even though you can get the full experience of the game within an hour, I have put in at least 40 hours over the year I've owned it. Sewer Rave is that friend that always makes you smile.


Great game, thanks for making it!!!


I think I'm only a few minutes to an hour into this game and I already love it.
My fave rat so far is this one:

"This train is a Pokestop. Yeah like, the train itself."

I always liked it when some of the rats' random dialogue had a shorter and longer version of the same line. Kinda gave it more depth.

For some reason I set email notifications for this game or something and every so often I get reminded of The Rave, not a negative at all, play the vidya.


I got a girlfriend because of this game

now I know that sounds like a joke but its 100% true. a few months ago i stayed up way too late getting the ending with all the items with this girl i hadn't talked too all that much.  She and i became close friends after that and continued playing other games over discord together every night for weeks, so on and so forth, and now were in love :)

so thanks!

great game

met at the sewer rave ... i love to hear it


Absolutely love this funky rat game. Got it a while ago in the BLM bundle and i couldnt put it down. the rats in this game have such a great personality, i especially love the cute pokemon rat. Great artwork!

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I want so much more of this game. Great music and exceptionally scary... Deer monkey things?? 

Btw... Can I help the Mermaid thingimabob?


i don't even have a vr headset yet but all i can think about is how much i want this in vrchat or something


HIYA I played your adorable little game in a video. It is so charming and I am sure there is plenty I didn't encounter so I will more than likely play again for a longer period of time. It is so cute and I really love the art style and the little film student rat stole my heart and now all I wish for is to be drawn as a rat! It is so cute and I fully recommend it! Your art style is great and I love the random things, and the possom knife fight 10/10 


autumn rain,

i don't know how to put my love for this game into words. i have formed friendships and created memories while playing this absolute gem, and i must thank you for that.

from a drinking game that ended in a friend throwing up (multiple times) to stupid little inside jokes, i don't feel like i've wasted a second of my playtime. this is a love letter to the game, if you will. 

All Rats go to Heaven <3

Thank you, Autumn Rain!
the little details i've encountered, from contracting the plague, scaring off a scientist, and seeing a drugged out nightmare-fuel rat in the sky, have been incredible. i'm not quite sure how the hell you came up with some of the ideas, but i am so, so glad you did.

with incredible amounts of respect and love,



This is the most amazing artwork I've ever seen 

Thank you for the laugh and keep raving x


Thank you so much hahah, right back at you! Enjoy the rave and take care <3


Stuart little has seen better days


i wheezed when i read this thank you


Got this game in the BLM bundle and dude I only played for like 15 min and fell in love this is amazing. 
I love love love the graphics options they're.... very good. Thank you so much for this game, can't wait to finish it thats it thats my critique

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any plans to add controller support?


i'll look into it for the big update 


i've played for countless hours and i havent found the buried treasure

am I stinko?




wonderful, lovely, confusing. the best qualities for a game


it makes me happy


I love this so much it really affected me and I don't know why but thanks.

This was a very fun game and I've never wanted to die playing a game more but it felt good to finish it. I streamed it with my friends and we were having fun but if you pointed a gun to my head and said to replay I would just sit there. None the less 10/10


This was... odd. Somehow homey, in an endless party sort of way. I think I like it? It really captures the feeling of being drunk at a party.
Controls are a bit janky. Needs adjustable mouse sensitivity.

good with just beers, was a good start, when you ket amongst it it kets all a lot more twisted. danke velle


Perfect game. Was shocked when I apparently beat it? Did, would, and could wander for hours.


While I have never been in a rave, I cannot imagine it would feel anything but exactly like this game: an endless chaotic party choke-full of weird conversations (which are here pretty well-written, I must admit) and even weirder situations that follow one another in a series of events that seem to have nothing common among them. “Sewer Rave” is a great little exploration game that although quickly becoming repetitive nevertheless is certainly more than redeemed by its crazy dialogues and thick, unmistakable atmosphere that the creator(s) of this game managed to nail down perfectly.

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