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So, for a long time I had the plan to make some sort of "huge update" to Sewer Rave, and I had made small changes to the game and had the thought of saving those for the big update. But, I don't think that huge update is going to happen the way I originally thought. Whenever I go back to work on Sewer Rave, it's a bit of a mess. I didn't know very many good practices for Unity. If I were to make a huge update, it would be an entire remake of the game, where I make systems that are easier to upkeep. 

So, I decided to finally release the small changes I've made.

They are as follows:

3 New Rooms
Findable "Power-Up"
New theater animations. (Again, by )
Bug Fixes:
Fixed disconnection from Twitch after 20 minutes.
Fixed jumping automatically when hitting the ground if jump was pressed in air.
Fixed E menu appearing during a sub menu.
Fixed Mute toggling during a sub menu.
A typo fix or two.

When I return to Sewer Rave, it will likely to be to make a whole remake of the game. I have a ton of ideas for it, and it would end up being a pretty well fleshed out game, with more systems and mechanics, and more rats, of course. I don't know when I'll have the opportunity to do that, though. Thank you all so, so much for playing.


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Version 11 Oct 13, 2021 116 MB
Version 12 Oct 13, 2021 119 MB
Version 11 Oct 13, 2021

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love coming back to this page to see this update! I'm glad you still have hopes for this nutty little game, even if they are far off


Appreciate the update <3


Thank you for the update! I loved this game's vibe, and I can't wait to see where it goes. :)


thanks so much for all your hard sewer work!!! crossing my fingers that Sewer Rave: Resewered can be worked on comfortably by you soon


I need more Sewer Rave!!