This game will die soon.

Wuh, huh. Today I woke up to news that the Twitter API will cost money to access soon. (Feb. 9)

Well I will not be paying Twitter. So this game will no longer function. Sorry! 

In fact, I haven't tried it out in a while so I don't even know if it still works as-is. 

But sorry! Them's the breaks! I kind of figured this would happen eventually. Tis the fate of software that relies on internet services. Goodbye Sewer Rave: Twitter Royale. I don't know why I made you.

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hail the victorious dead apis 🍻

Oh that's a shame, understandable though.


Maybe you could rebuild it into Sewer Rave: Mastodon Royale! Or something like it. Well, if Twitter wants to miss out on the opportunity to promote their platform through your game, good riddance.


I didn't get to play it, I was saving it to play later :(

Sorry about your game, man