You are a pesky fairy on a quest to BOTHER EVERYONE. And legend tells of a powerful artifact at the bottom of a dungeon that can deal out ultimate irritation. Poke and pester your foes on your way to the treasure!


X - A Button (Interact)

C - B Button

Arrow Keys - D-Pad

Start - Enter (Opens Pause Menu)

Select - Space (Changes Palette)


This was made in a week for GBJAM 7 by:

Autumn Rain - Programming & That Stuff In Unity
( | twitter)

Rowan Wolfpal  - Graphics & Level Geometry
( | tumblr)

Elise Pegasnow - Music & Sound Design
( | soundcloud)

Skyler Aure - Art & Graphics
( | twitter)

Mooncaller - Music & Writing
( | twitter)

Note: If text in battle looks off to you or if the audio doesn't work, download the game with the app!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorsAutumn Rain, Skyler Aure, Elise Pegasnow, rowan tobias, Mooncaller
GenreRole Playing
Made withBlender, Unity, Sprytile, Aseprite
TagsClicker, Dungeon Crawler, GBJam, Grayscale, Retro, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Development log


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someone: appear
me: *ora-ora-rush X button*

I would love more levels in this game!

I poke my demons, but they know how to SQUAWK.

really cool! 


An awesome game to play in your free time. Honestly, it has potential for a great full game!


Fun Game i like the art style!


Its incredible! I really like this game, I can't believe you made it so good just in a week! You are gods!

(1 edit) (+1)

This game was super fun and cute!  I made a video of my playthrough, if anyone is interested (if you don't want videos posted here I apologize, feel free to message me, or just smite me where I stand, either way really):

Heck Dungeon


This was epic... Visually everything looked really good, all of the characters were super cute & had a lot of character (I liked worm on a string best), and the text animations added extra polish. The music fit the game really well IMO, and it never felt repetitive. 

My only complaint was that navigating the mazes could get tedious. Allowing you to warp to levels you'd already reached, or maybe adding a compass to orient yourself would have been helpful.

Overall it was really impressive and cute, especially for a short game jam ;v; It took a while cuz i am terrible at navigating the mazes, but i really wanted to keep going until i beat it. Great job everyone...

i agree


Standard square moves? or added strafe.

(1 edit) (+2)


Not completely my thing but I really like the character design! I understand it was a dungeon crawl but I had a hard time remembering where I was / where to go.  The fuzzy lil' things are really fantastic.


Such a fun little game! I really liked the retro vibe in the game and all the cute characters. The music as well was really fun and it created a great atmosphere in the game. Overall very enjoyable, keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


This is awesome haha very cute and fun simple combat. The 3D was something really cool to pull off. Great job!


Very cute and silly! It's short and sweet, well worth the time. You all did excellent work! <3


aw hell yeah


aw hell yeah


it freezes for me and my friend at the studio auroraora logo.

press 'a' and it should proceed to the title screen!