A few thoughts I had when looking through old DMs on Discord.

I wish I had more profound things to say about this. Something about staying in touch with people or how we change with people or who has an effect on us or who doesn't but I just wanted to get the thoughts I was having out in text. And these thoughts are incomplete. And I think they will remain incomplete.

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this…this makes me sad…..

i like this, it's neat :)

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gah i hate this feeling

good story thing!


this hit me really hard, especially as the person who oftens ends up being the deleted user. it's weird to know people's lives and not know their names. there's hundreds of people i've had pleasant conversations with who i'll never know, only associating them with the character in their icon, who have since gone on with their life.


thx for making this


I wouldn't beat yourself up over not being profound, this is a conceptual rumination and doesn't try to be anything more than conceptual which is fine. Raw concepts in story telling can sometimes be more powerful than when they are rolled up in symbolism and themes, and this is a concept that is highly relatable. Given some time, you or someone else could expand on this idea and make a story that 20 years from now could rank among like "The Pedestrian" or "A Scanner Darkly" both highly allegorical stories that tackled highly relatable issues of the time. But here and now living in the present, the concept alone, is profound. 


I think about this kinda thing a lot


This hits hard. This happens in one way or another in every messaging app, but Discord straight up erasing deleted user's identity feels more visceral somehow. Great work!

this is so true

Short and melancholic, nice work :)

very nice ! i feel this way too...


i felt bad bc that relates to not only discord but also my entire life being not able to keep contact by myself to anyone who's not perseverant or OK with the fact i can contact again months after as if it was yesterday

close people are only the ones who have the energy to come back to me, because I don't have it. usually that's ok but your thoughts here just makes me think about it, a lot. i don't know how to react but... thanks, i guess? 

it should not be a bad thing, there is also positive! hopefully

yeah, thank you


Very short and quite relatable, I liked this twine very much!



Well this brought back memories

im not able to download this any with link plz 


you don't download this it's web only




Hey, thanks for making this. I've had experiences like this before, although they ended with more finality than merely gazing at a long, dusty log of DMs. This was really something.

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I was listening to someone earlier today exploring eroding memories and dissolving context. Another framing. An agenda. Found it, (cw: big data surveillance) Data You

Im glad you put this together. Yours has a softer aspect, a fuzzier approach I’m more comfortable thinking through and around.



I loved this it made me look at my discord and realize i only have 1 deleted user in my dms idk what that means though


Enjoyed the romp. Good history. Had my old nick nuked too. Fun times. Keep smiling Autumn Rain, things will get better. Never hold onto the bad only the good.


really impactful especially at its short length... great work!