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this game fucking rocks

Two minutes is too short, I'm ready to be around for hours!

Short but Sweet! :)

As a fellow witch i was very honored to become your potion, always love the ps1 style games. Such a treat for my bday. Thank you <3



She kinda cute tho.


i didn't leave (our wedding is in october btw)


this is so cute i love all the dialogue and the atmosphere and everything


please let us kiss and marry her (it's ok if she cook us first im begging)


she can cook us after also that's ok too im flexible i dont mind

This is an interesting and fun game. 


My friends and I still talk about this game all the time. Great work!


really funny, this was great!

Heya! My girlfriend played this game and she adored the witch.

cute game, had fun playing it. Went through a few times just to get some different dialogue! 

This game is soooo cute

This was such a funny game. I loved just exhausting the dialogue options


that goth witch is BAE, i stayed in the stew for her

I really loved this, thank you for this experience and for the longest title I think I have ever said in a video.

Oh, I think this wizard can turn her head 180. Is that weird? Good game. I like it :)


I love the title!

Hey peetah Im in an game


really interesting game i kinda hoped the dialogue would get deeper but for what it is its really good.

the art style was good as well i liked how the game ran smoothly on my shitty pc lmao


this is nice, i would gladly chat for this witch as long as it took for my bones to gelatenize


can somebody tell me what's the name of this backward song in this game?


thank you

this is so wholesome


Pros and cond are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the second there):


1. The game is so much fun. It so hilarious that you get to be brewed alive because that vampire-witch is so damn charismatic.

2. The concept is cool. I've never seen something like that before and I am impresesed.


1. When the player is done watching all the mini monologues, there is an awkward lack of anything. Maybe it would be nice to add something? Like vampire sitting on the table and saying "Well, I have nothing more to say to you, but you're almost ready so that's okay".

2. It would be super cool to be able to interact with the vampire a bit more. Like if the player would be able to choose some the answers or the quetions to the vampire-witch.


I guess there is still something that can be done to improve the game. But as is, it's also very nice, simple and fun. 5/5. Can't wait to see more original ideas and fun projects from you!

Hope my feedback was useful!

I really liked the game and I hope you like my gameplay!
My channel is SilverChiara. I hope to see more from you!
the game starts at 04:40


Thank you for a simple game

I'm being brewed alive! But I can leave? I... I... want to be brewed into an evil potion! But really, you CAN leave anytime you want to... But whats the fun in that? lol There are only 2 endins but he has lots of things to say so I keep going back and get brewed alive. Very nice concept!

I uh.. Might have pressed space bar by mistake...




A very silly game.

what engine did you use to make this



Idea for weird easter egg endings:

Immortality potion: you drink a immortality potion and are broken down into a sentient potion

Date ending: You date a fucking vampire witch

404:Repeatedly jump in and out of the pot, eventually it crashes.

Nice game bro, but wouldn't it be cool to have more endings? And maybe tell the player how many endings there are? You don't really have to if you don't want to. The game is still a fun experience nonetheless, and I like it a lot. Good work! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

hi, no plans for any other endings, as i didn't imagine working on this outside of something very quick for the jam. but i'll write somewhere that there are only the two

Lol a short and sweet game, loved it! 😂😂


This was really enjoyable well done dev!!


This was kind of cute in a weird sort of way. Was expecting there to be some kind of alternate ending if you got all her dialog but fun to replay a few times anyways. 

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