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I love this game so much, it's vibe, it's aesthetics, the characters, it's all so fun, although I haven't been able to complete it yet I definitely recommend it!

Limbo Core made me interested in your work and I know it says it may not work with Mac OS, but I'm more than happy to  spend the money for this game and let you know how it works. Keep up the great work.

If Limbocore worked, it's possible this would work too. But I suggest trying out some other free mac games too first


The game's aesthetic, soundtrack, sound design, character design, writing, all are fantastic. easily a great time. It's a joy to find what the next strange thing you'll find around the corner. The balance was a little off in some places- the first two games drag on on repeat playthroughs, which you will definitely have to do to reach the end. Nevertheless, despite its rough edges, I wholeheartedly recommend Be Not Afraid.

Hey thank you! I will for sure keep these in mind when if I make a balance patch. I've been a bit aware of how the first two games tend to drag on, and will try and figure out a graceful solution to it. 

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That's really well done. The aesthetic and execution are so great on this! I wasn't able to finish it, but I enjoyed what I played of it. Also, this Itch page is juicy! (Edit: I went back and figured out what I needed to do and got to the ending. Splendid!)