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Good game development! Is this one of the hauntedps1 madvent community games? Well done, I like graphics very much!


Wow this was really cool! Would absolutely love it if there was more too, I could see increasingly esoteric and complicated secrets in this world being really fun to find. Also I gotta know if there's a solution to the ciphers? Just a yes or no, I know nothing about code breaking but if it's possible to solve I want to learn


they can be solved yeah


I only just played this game today and had to have a go at cracking the code.  I've never deciphered a code before, but is it:

Y O U ,     R E M E M B E R

M E ,    P L E A S E ?

D O    N O T    F O R G E T ,

I    A M    H E R E

W I T H    Y O U ,    S A F E !

F O R    N O W ,    A N D

I    W I L L    L O V E    Y O U


Neat little experience. Managed to get all the endings... felt like it catered nicely to crazy people like me who like to poke around a lot for secrets (and climbing stuff). It was very rewarding in that sense.

The atmosphere surrounding it all was nicely handled. I much appreciate the cool reference/inspiration from a certain secretive something from a certain beloved franchise too ;)

So this has been my favorite game from Madvent Calendar. I've managed to reach a few secrets but I'm pretty sure there's still some places I might be able to get into, mostly the blue room with the big fence. I kind of hope you might expand on this one, I'm pretty curious about the world you made here.


you can jump over it, it takes some finagling though with the left wall. there's a total of 4 ways the game will end


Update: Literally just got over it, haven't even seen what comes next yet, I have the game up in another tab. After trying for a bunch of times I managed to do it by pressing both forward and left while in the air and rotating my camera to direct myself onto the little computer thing. Just gonna leave this here in case anyone else needs help figuring out the jump.

This was a nice little game! Thank you for making it, it had a really good atmosphere and everything :)